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               Calendar of Upcoming Events 
                 as of Monday, July 21, 2014

                          Calendar Updates Coming


Fear the Night!!

​                              Web Updates 
                      as of Monday, August 4, 2014 

2014 Membership form is loaded on the site.  Click the
"Membership" Link above to get to the form.  Print it out and mail it in per the instructions on the form.

2014 Fall Spirit Wear forms now on-line​​

2014 Web Updates coming soon​​​​ 

BVSW Timberwolves vs. BV North
​                          at
​​​              HOME @ LAMDAC (BVHS)

The Wolfpack is selling exclusive BVSW flags.  Be the first one on your block to hang a Timberwolf on your house​​.  Show your spirit to the entire neighborhood.

Click on this link to print your BVSW Flag Order Form.​​